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Yeah no. You pie ass fvck bous cant be me -pontiac by t-rippy on Polyvore
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kɑnye heɑds by t-rippy featuring home decor
icɑwn -ignore- by t-rippy featuring a floral garland
pizzɑ gɑwd ɑkɑ yung k.i.d cx -kyle by t-rippy featuring animal canvas wall art
first ɑnnuɑl project x pɑrty!! by t-rippy on Polyvore
Intro ! by ifreak on PolyvoreDO NOT SAVE OR USE / DO NOT SAVE OR USE / Solid border / julyrose-92 / estrellita
Here -kyle by t-rippy on Polyvore
My birthdaaay by t-rippy featuring converse shoes
Stardoll graphic i just finished :)